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Voltage Rating 600/1000 volts
Description PVC Surface Wiring. These are rated at 90C rather than 70C for 6181Y PVC insulated cables and therefore have a higher current carrying capacity for an equivalent size of cable. For use in light industrial and domestic applications where the risk of mechanical damage is low. They may be clipped direct to a surface, on a tray, in free air or can be embedded in plaster. It is suitable for use within conduit where there is a greater risk of mechanical damage.
Construction Stranded plain copper conductors, XLPE insulation, PVC sheath
-15degC to +90degC
Bending Radius
4x 1.5 to 185sqmm
6x 240sqmm to 1000sqmm
Bn or Be
Sheath Colour Black
BS7889 Table 2
Fire Tests N/A
and Flame
BS EN 50265
Special Notes Where a conductor operates at a temperature exceeding 70C it shall be ascertained that the equipment connected to the conductor is suitable for the conductor operating temperature
. Min temperature for installation is +5gegC
Product Datasheet Datasheet
Product Approval(s) N/A
3D Cable Model 3D

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