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Fire Protection

Electrical cable plays a significant role in any system and must stand up to conditions that were unthinkable in the past, and this is particularly true with respect to fire performance where cabling systems must continue to perform in extreme fire situations.

Critical control systems require secure power supplies, perhaps for the duration of a major fire.

These systems will be used for safety and security and often for building monitoring, providing intelligence on a range of subjects, with phased evacuation where relevant.

At AEI Cables, we provide custom-engineered designs for some of the most demanding projects in the world and we continue to develop the safest and highest quality cables across the board for fire performance needs.

Indeed, our Firetec range of cables includes Firetec Standard, Firetec Enhanced and Mineral Insulated Cables (MIC) to meet every level of requirement and satisfy all standards and legislation.

As polymer science and materials technology take on greater importance in the cable industry to ensure protection of life and property, the development of in-house facilities also becomes more important.

To this end, we have developed our own laboratories and fire testing facilities which continues to provide us and our customers with the knowledge and resources they need to meet these demanding situations.

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